Play Social and Sustainable

Community life and Corona – sounds like a controversy, doesn’t it? We are convinced of the opposite. Many people live in one spot in a housing estate or apartment building, but often they do not know each other. Often it is only an occasional “hello” that connects neighbours. We want to change that and make living together more colourful and bring generations and cultures together.

“Play Social and Sustainable”‘s goal is to strenghten the community and make living togehter more colourful.
Therefore we chose playing cards as our medium. Playing cards underpin the playful and creative approach of our project. Moreover, cards are popular with a wide range of age groups. Whether Uno, Black Jack, Mau-Mau or Solitair – they are internationally known and popular. Our aim is not to give too many strict specifications and instructions regarding the projects. For this reason, we have not chosen photographs, but illustrations. These are meant to provide ideas and inspiration, but still give the freedom for individuality. In addition, you are encouraged to use used materials that you already have at home and not to buy them new.

Overview of the issue and the approach: There are already a lot of projects that aim to strengthen the community. No matter how big or small they are, they all have one goal: to make the community a little more colourful. We collect creative projects that are more than places to have fun. They are places of encounter and diversity. People from different generations, backgrounds and cultures come together. We want to give inspiration for creative joint projects that aim for better communication and integration within a community.
The essence of the solution: An outdoor gallery to bring generations together, exchange unused food or learn about foreign cultures - and many more ideas in one deck of cards. It's goal: improve the situaiton in a commnity.
The stakeholders in the project: Team: Hanna Felber, Anna Drexler, Lisa Windisch