From Field to Fibre

Hunger, poverty, resources, agriculture, sustainability.

By repurposing the residual waste of the harvested crop known as Grass Pea into handmade paper, fibres, plant pots and lighting to raise its residual value and unite villagers to provide a boost to income and raise standards of living. See publication above.

Overview of the issue and the approach: My methodology is simple. Using the whole systems approach of using just harvested rainwater and sunlight I aim to revolutionise how an ancient crop called Grass Pea can be reused and regenerated into a design solution to provide income for some of the poorest communities in the world. The grass pea dates back to Neolithic times and can survive rising water levels and salinity which is due to climate change.
The essence of the solution: To generate an extra source of income for rural farmers in villages within the Sundarban region of West Bengal. Blog/paper making with grass pea. May 2020.
The stakeholders in the project: Just myself and two scientists called Dr Anne Edwards and Dr Abhimanyu Sarkar at the world renowned plant research centre in Norwich - John Innes Research Centre.
YouTube video: aCBPWNl4jR0
Agreement: Accepted