Research and development space of 3D printing system for Natural Organic Sorghum Straw Fiberi z z z

Improve the comprehensive utilization rate of sorghum straw and promote the development of blue circular economy

In this design, we have completed the assembly, testing and printing of the sorghum 3D printing prototype, which can realize the object printing in the 28 * 16 * 42 stereo interval. After a large number of material experiments and straw printing simulation, we demonstrated the feasibility and rationality of sorghum straw 3D printing technology. Through the material experiment results summarized in the prototype machine, the printing control program, and the parameter simulation of grasshopper technology, we can realize the construction of a larger sorghum straw 3D printing machine and the actual operation of printing objects. The next iteration of sorghum straw 3D printing machine is tested. We can conclude that through the design method and experiment, we can realize the printing and practical operation of more extensive area and volume objects.

Overview of the issue and the approach: China is a super agricultural country, which produces an amazing amount of agricultural waste every year. But at present, it is facing a series of problems, such as the lack of a reasonable way to deal with the waste, resulting in low comprehensive utilization rate. How to realize the circular economy is imminent. We observe and think about the current real-time facts with the thinking mode of system design, and look for course cases / topics with the bottom-up design mode as the core. Based on the blue circular economy of sorghum as the foothold of the project, through detailed information / data investigation and analysis, to understand the underlying logic of the system. Taking sorghum straw as the entry point of the project, this paper analyzes the system mode of sorghum straw, explores the pain point of sorghum straw, and combines with the characteristics of sorghum straw, chooses to use 3D printing technology and carry out 3D material innovation experiment, so as to increase its added value and comprehensive utilization rate, and reduce the material waste and industrial pain point and other social problems in Sorghum circular economy.
The essence of the solution: The material experiment of sorghum straw proves the feasibility of 3D printing
The stakeholders in the project: Rural natives and foreign tourists