Perfect Match Living

Profound changes in the way food are grown, processed, distributed, marketed, consumed, and disposed of over the last several decades have resulted in systems that create food insecurity, chronic disease, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, and diminished economic opportunity. These consequences disproportionately affect the most vulnerable, raising climate change, poverty, and inequality all over the world. Incorrectly disposed bio-waste is more dangerous for the climate than CO2. ⅓ of the global supplies are wasted annually, $1.2 Trillion ends up rotting, or spoiling due to poor transportation and harvesting practices, 30% Of the world’s total energy consumption is by the food sector, and 22% Of total Greenhouse Gas emissions come from wastelands, and only 10% is repurposed and composted. The main issue is the lack of education and support, if we were to produce a small percentage of our own food we will be able to take back miles of land to their natural state.

The service ​‘Perfect Match Living’​ is the platform that helps people build and organize a residential sustainable agriculture system within a community. It addresses the issue of sustainable food production which is a concept that involves cultivating plants with livestock on small inclined spaces with techniques such as; hydroponic and compost systems where there is a lack of available land space for healthy food. Even more, it forms a circular food production and food waste system with integrated technological tools, creates a balanced environment, and builds community by teamwork giving different roles to its users depending on their needs and talents.

Characteristics:​ Is more than just a platform is a complete experience that will benefit many including the environment, it not only provides food or healthy eating habits that are essential for humans but also a sense of belonging, and ultimately a purpose. Is an agricultural indoor farming solution, and an educational program, and a symbol for transparency and environmental responsibility. Like a game everyone starts with basic levels of production rearranging their living space and with time, they level up and expand the production to new challenges integrating different livestock and all kinds of nourishments.

Facts:​ is a user-friendly system, an educational program, with extended knowledge on home production, is an opportunity to grow to build a community by learning about teamwork also a service that has integrated the most technological tools for gardening, and finally is adaptable through time and diverse circumstances.

Customer segment:​ is Middle – upper class, between the ages of 30 and 50, is old enough to understand the importance of being self-sufficient and have an appreciation for the home-made products. They must have an income for the subscription fees, and a way to manage the time according to the demands of the service. Their needs and goals are that they wish to be self-sufficient, produce their food, take care of their environment for a better sustainable future. Their pain points and frustrations are that they don’t trust the food produced by others, is complicated to get healthy organic products, and they feel like they don’t belong to a proactive community. The customer segment can be divided into three different categories depending on the living situation, this will not change the functions or the experience, these are Neighbors with very close proximity, families living in the same space, and building residents with the service included as a plus when they purchase the apartment on that same building.

– Application: First initial moment when the user applies to the service, they get matched with a team of 5 other users with different roles, or in the case of the families and residents they just get synchronized.
– Implementation:​ based on the team ́s goals they get instruction and guidelines on how to start the system, rearrange to build the agricultural structure at home, additionally the educational material and te¡he tools they need.
– Production:​ enjoy the hard work and the benefits, then you can start implementing new technology and level up, this will become continuous at a certain point just like a circular economy.

How does it work:​ every team of 5 members has different roles and together that can form a sustainable bio-circular chain of production and management, this are the functions and responsibilities of each member: User #01​ The Cultivator this involves planting, cultivating, inspecting the crops by hand and harvesting User #02​ The Food Manager in charge of food-processing, cooking, and diving the portions User #03​ The Animal keeper Assist in animal care and overseeing the livestock User #04​ The Compost builder performing post-harvest tasks, and converts waste into organic fertilizers User #05​ The Collector picks up and delivers all the products between the team.

Benefits individual/personal: a sense of belonging to a community, personal growth and invaluable skills, a feeling of privilege, it brings different people together, creating new networks and social interactions, also an opportunity to meet, work and set goals, and finally a feeling of wellbeing, fulfillment, and satisfaction by self-production. Benefits general/global: Creates employment, cleans the environment, reduces health inequalities, and food insecurity is sustainable for future generations, and therefore smart cities.

To conclude decides the concept of sustainable agriculture that ​‘Perfect Match Living’​ cover another concept highly important is the community impact, food as a necessity has some social implications, that ​‘Perfect Match Living’​ aims to unfold, these attributes, are the core values of the platform, forming a community based on the same interests and needs is essential to ensure the success of the idea. The two main forces in the solution combine are the perfect symbiosis to take it to the next level, on one hand, sustainable agriculture and on the other community impact. Regardless of the future, whether one of abundance or one of scarcity, food remains a fundamental human need, and every sustainable tool that will help fulfill that need will hold great value moving forward. and that is why ​‘Perfect Match Living’​ is a community service platform that facilitates the living conditions of everyone, creating a path to the reconstruction of production and consumption in the food system. “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success”. – Henry Ford

Overview of the issue and the approach: Over the past 50 years, rapid world population issues will play a significant role in agriculture and accompanied by substantial waste growth in urban areas. Due to the everyday growing population and wasteland taking over the planet. There is a need for a sustainable change. This is the reason why​ ​‘Perfect Match Living’​​ ​a digital platform has been proposed to address the issue of sustainable agriculture and meet the poor and fast-growing food waste management, by creating and implementing an individual indoor circular food production within a group of people. This integration will help reduce the climate change consequences, add to food safety, and increase sustainability in smart cities. The platform seeks to provide its users with a large number of benefits, to share the knowledge in order to empower them, find a community that shares the same goals and ideas, and to show how it is possible to optimize resources, repurpose or reuse resources altogether.
​‘Perfect Match Living’​ link to The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals recognizes the importance of building economic growth starting from the users (SDG11 sustainable cities and communities + SDG12 Responsible Consumption) and addresses a range of social and basic needs (SDG2 Zero Hunger + SDG13 Climate Action).
Overall, Indoor farming production is a possible solution to the issue, giving a circular economy lead, and contributing to sustainable urban farming. Some of the environmental benefits are the result of the saving and recycling of resources, the social advantages include improving the community bonds, food security, educational tools, and serving as an overall great experience, the economic benefits are that it provides job opportunities and commodity outputs. In conclusion, ​‘Perfect Match Living’​ will create smart cities and will be a solution that has the potential of generating win-win scenarios in urban cities leaving a sense of community and the idea that together we can do more.
The essence of the solution: A valuable experience from a digital platform that facilitates the process of creating an indoor agriculture system in a sustainable conscious manner with community impact and social equality.
The stakeholders in the project: ​‘Perfect Match Living’​ involves various stakeholders to ensure impact and an optimized experience, starting from the software developers, graphic designers, strategists, community managers, agriculture/farming experts, architect, researchers, and educators, also is key to mentions our partnerships with other companies like Gardena and The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, Government entities such as Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of environment and the international programs.