Coexistence and co-prosperity with the environment

In the site design, the project is faced with the destruction of ecological culture and the problems of urban flood control wind. Through ecological restoration and cultural continuation, the design connects the cultural landscape, natural landscape and cultural landscape

The design site which has convenient traffic is located in Shandong Province,And the Yellow River turns the ninth right here. This area has a wealthy natural landscape and historical culture, such as Autumn Scenes in the Que and Hua Mounts which was drawn by artist Mengfu Zhao who was lived l in the Yuan Dynasty The design intends to expand and utilize the urban landscape, cultural landscape and natural landscape, so that the characteristics of their respective landscape are interrelated and reorganized.And from the user’s point of view, really suitable for users.Through different types of activities, the site becomes more dynamic and provides a safe and inclusive green public space for residents.This plan takes comprehensive consideration of the original culture, takes into account the surrounding landscape, uses the original natural resources, combines with the needs of residents, and provides residents with a comprehensive space integrating tourism, leisure, science popularization, ecology and other functions.

Overview of the issue and the approach: Flood control has become an important issue of urban development. The distance between man and nature is getting further and further away. The design makes different development directions through site development issues.In terms of ecological, cultural and economic accessibility and other six directions and four connecting belts, feasible schemes are formulated. At the same time, different Spaces are divided according to different needs of the site, and the road design is more convenient and fast Meet the requirements of people's viewing, sightseeing and leisure, so that people participate in it to the maximum extent

The essence of the solution: The cultural and natural landscape of the city will be expanded, and the landscape features of the stars will be used to connect and reorganize each other. On the basis of retaining the original cultu
The stakeholders in the project: Jinan City Government of Shandong Province