Sharing City

We wanted to research the theme of sharing in a city context. We founded that the city can be as a big sharing platform.

Team project of two Finnish designers.
We wanted to participate because the subject resonates strongly with our values.

Overview of the issue and the approach: To understand the wider picture, we needed to research more about sustainability and circular economy. Sharing is one way to step off from a linear economy towards circular one. Sharing is sustainable activity; ecological because it saves the natural resources, economical because it's resource efficient, and social because it needs social activity and people to run.
We need a functional and user friendly platforms, applications and new rules for sharing culture. The legislation does not support enough the sharing economy. It is also a big problem that now it's easier to buy new goods instead of getting the old one fixed. It takes more effort to find your clothes on second hand-market than go to the store and buy new ones. Our approach suggests that we need everybody to take part for sharing so it can be a new culture. To do so we need a user friendly, easy working platform for sharing. We already have the platform: The city. It just need to adjust more suitable for sharing. That's why we need to think again the city structure and make most of the areas, which is the most suitable for different kind of sharing. Sharing app brings together all the possibilities of sharing inside the city.
The essence of the solution: The sharing app: sharing at one platform is user friendly and it's making the sharing effortless. You can borrow or share for example your clothes, goods, skills, neighbourly help or left over-food.
The stakeholders in the project: The city, the citizens.