Intelligent health house in urban community

In the global health crisis similar to covid-19, most patients died because they could not get timely diagnosis and treatment. Urban community intelligent health cabin can ensure the life and health of community residents, and at the same time, let the community residents realize self physical detection and remote diagnosis and treatment, and solve the basic medical problems.

Medical and health services are becoming more and more important, which is related to everyone’s health. The intelligent health cabin is a shared service terminal for medical and health, which integrates self-service health monitoring and intelligent remote diagnosis and treatment. The health examination instruments are integrated in a warm and comfortable environment. The system automatically monitors the health status of the tested population, and provides medical guidance and appointment for the following up population, chronic disease population and sub-health population before and after operation in urban communities, so as to achieve early prevention, early detection, early treatment, and make urban medical care more sharing, intelligent and futuristic, so as to provide strong support and guarantee for the national medical and health undertakings.
After entering the intelligent health cabin of urban community, put your left hand into the position of the detector, and you can check your spine in turn, including blood pressure, blood oxygen, electrocardiogram, body temperature, blood oxygen, cholesterol, etc.To obtain the data of various chronic disease health tests. Foot detection,Body weight, muscle mass, skeletal muscle mass, body mass index, and the large screen on the left provides nutrition assessment and nutrition prescription for the testing population.The test data can be collected and uploaded to the health file, which can be used for remote consultation with relevant diagnosis and treatment experts, and provide effective personalized diagnosis and treatment scheme for different groups. The detector can view the historical detection information at any time through the mobile phone, and track the health status of family members in real time.In view of the epidemic situation and influenza, the vehicle applies the fifth generation mobile communication technology and other new technologies, selects the intelligent driverless system, opens the ventilation of the wheel tube, disinfects, reduces the infectivity of bacteria, and guarantees the right to health.

Overview of the issue and the approach: Problem overview: solve the problem of people seeing a doctor
Methods: the urban community intelligent health cabin, a shared service terminal for medical and health care, was designed, which integrates self-service health monitoring and intelligent consultation remote diagnosis and treatment. The system automatically monitors the health status of the tested group, and provides remote medical guidance.
The essence of the solution: People can carry out community residents' physical examination and diagnosis and treatment through urban community intelligent health cabin without going far and contacting others.
The stakeholders in the project: It is designed for every resident in the urban community to protect people's medical and health rights.
Agreement: Accepted