Plenty of Gardens App

Covid19 not only made us miss social interactions, it also made us realise how important it is to spend time in nature. Since March, we spent most of our time inside. Studying, working, staring into screens. Going outside was one of the few things keeping us sane. But you can only go on so many walks. Sometimes one just wants to sit outside, breathe fresh air and enjoy nature. We figured that we weren’t the only ones facing this problem and came up with “Planty of Gardens”.

Plenty of Gardens is a app that’s system works in two ways: you can either offer your own garden, or rent one. If you want to offer a garden on the app, you can specify what extras the garden has, how many guests are allowed in and for what purposes the garden can be rented. This makes it easier for interested people to find the right garden later. Renting a garden works similarly. Using a filter, you can specify what kind of garden you want, what extras it should have, for what purpose you want to rent it and how many people are coming. Afterwards you will be shown suitable results.

Overview of the issue and the approach: Our idea was to provide outdoor retreats for people in cities and create a platform that can provide a change of scenery. That is why we have developed Planty of Gardens, a platform where people can rent out their gardens or backyards that they don‘t need permanently.
The essence of the solution: No garden, No Problem!
The stakeholders in the project: Our stakeholders are people who live in cities and lack interaction with nature.